Hi, I am Rachel Lenkowski.

I'm a versatile professional photographer who shoots on location or in my studio. Weddings, families, food, naked people, rock and rollers, fashion, weird stuff, pretty stuff; I have developed my skills on a small island where being a Jack of all photographic trades has been essential to stay here and make a living doing what I do. Between our ideas and my eye, gear, and adaptable technical skills we can make great images, what do you have in mind? Let's talk. My clients say I'm easy and fun to work with. Though I work hard at what I do, it's all good fun for me, and it should be for you too.

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Editorial

I'm based out of Pender Island, BC, and I love to travel for shoots.

I also provide art reproduction and passport photography for Pender Island residents.

unedited pic taken by my (then) 8 yr old son

** Pricing ETC **

My prices are regional industry standards, I don't believe in undercutting other photographers, and I don't want to gouge people and smaller businesses unreasonably either. I've included three pricing packages below because they're straight forward shoots that people typically ask about here in BC. We can talk about your shoot and whether these standard prices apply. I accept installment plans for weddings photography, I know it's a large expense for some people and I sympathize and can work with you to make it easier to pay for. For every other kind of shoot, let's negotiate, message me through the CONTACT page and I'll get back to you shortly.

Pricing & Packages

Family Portraits


I love shooting kids and families, pets too. This rate gets you a minimum of 20 finished images, and a fun, animated session.



I truly love Engagement Sessions most of all, the surprise, the joy, and then the glowing couple's portraits.


Average $3500

This is the base industry standard. Let's talk about the scope and scale of what you're dreaming up for your wedding day



Not an instant box store setup, but it will save you travel time to town and you might even like your passport shot, taken with a portrait photographer's eye.



Whether it is product photography in my studio, reproduction photography of fine artwork, on location photography for lifestyle, facilities, food or products shoots, let's talk about making images that represent your work at its best.



I am a lover of stories, endlessly curious about the world and all of the different ways we exist together on it. If I can help you bring a story to life with images, let's talk.

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